Rodowód AT*Candycoon’s Little Red Corvette

Rodowód | Pedigree

I generation II generation III generation IV generation
TGC Gandalf
of Beyrouth
MCO d 09 22
CH Oldestage New York
MCO n 09 22
Oldestage Jossies Whale
MCO n 09 23
Degacoon James Dean of Oldestage
MCO n 23
RW SGC Oldestage Jessie
MCO n 09 22
RW SGC Oldestage Miss Taylor Hiss
MCO n 22
Capecoon’s Billy the Kit of Oldestage
MCO n 09 22
Aldamiras Grace of Oldestage
MCO n 09 22
CH Romantic Story
of Beyrouth JW
MCO fs 09 22
SC Orion Sun Maine Treasures JW
MCO ns 09 22
EC Chamberlain Zillion Sunrays JW
MCO ds 09 22
EC Moulin de Crecy Urania
MCO n 22
EC Diana of Beyrouth DSM
MCO f 24
IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret JW
MCO d 22
Paradise Island’s Sweet Dream
MCO n 24
US*Fogcity Shasta
MCO fs 09 22
Sarajen Menunkatuck
of Fogcity
MCO ns 09 22
IW SGC Sarajen Scoresby
MCO ds 0922
CH Coonoquan Brannan
MCO ns 09
RW TGC Mainesuspect IndiaPale of Sarajen
MCO fs 22
Sarajen Stella Artois
MCO n 09 23
IW SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister
Fogcity Syrah of Sarajen
MCO n 09 23
Fogcity Thimble Island Patches
MCO g 22
Fogcity Quinnehtukqut
MCO n 23
RW Sarajen Samuel Adams of Fogcity
MCO n 22
Chenza Chessie of Fogcity
MCO n 23
Le Beau Minu Henna of Fogcity
MCO f 22
Le Beau Minu Great Balls of Fire
MCO d 09 22
Le Beau Minu Giselle
MCO n 22

Kontact | Contact

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Warszawa, POLSKA

tel. +48. 512 690 260
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